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Microsoft MSN Redesigned - Gets more Social, Adds Twitter and Facebook

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

Earlier Today Microosft unveiled a completely new redesign of its portal MSN.com. You need to have a look into it earlier design and the new design before moving ahead with our discussion. So here we go

MSN before


MSN redesigned now

A Preview of the new MSN can be found here.

So from the above images you can observe that there is less clustering of information. One can observe the changes in their logo and Butterfly designs which looks more appealing now than before. You can also observe a better integration of their Bing search box compared to their earlier design. One more interesting feature to observe here is that their integartion of Social Features like Twitter and Facebook. You can directly view and update your Twitter and Facebook accounts in the redesigned page.

Note. The new rolled out redesigned page may not be visible for everyone right now. So i advise you to use the preview tool above to have a look of their redesigned version.


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